StockVisionReal-Time Stock Screener (and more)

StockVision™ is real-time market scanning. It lets you discover the chances of any one stock making a big move in the near future, based on its recent history. This computation occurs in real time, as well as over longer historical periods. Watch our videos to learn how it works. Skeptical? Try it for FREE below.

Do you have a favorite chart setup or pattern?

Our PowerScan feature lets you perform fully custom, real time scans for the criteria you choose.

Want to make money trading stocks?

Our flagship product, StockVision, gives you the best shot. It is designed to monitor over 2,300 stocks, in real time, to locate ones that are about to advance and/or change direction.

Multi-faceted scans. View lists and custom lists from a multitude of angles, all in real time.

No extra "data feed" charges. StockVision is a complete real time "turnkey" system---no additional modules or services required.

Custom charts and scans (1 min. to 120 min. bars, daily, weekly) locating 75 possible indicators or bar patterns, all in real time.

Built-in "paper trader" using real-time data. Simulate both stock and option portfolios.

Replay the entire market. Trading was a challenge? Try again by replaying the whole market for past sessions!

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